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Association of women „Hediya“ As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh We are the association of Muslim women in Bosnia. We have been established about a year ago, with just 2 sisters who had an idea to try and help poor sisters and brothers to overcome the everyday  harsh life in postwar Bosnia. The economy is very bad, and many Muslim families suffer and the reason is that  men can not get a job because of the beard, and women because of the hijab or niqab. They are forced to become cheap laborers, without medical insurance or even to be registered legally to work, and they are often underpaid, or taken advantege of when it comes to paying them, and there is nowhere they can turn to. Many of our sisters are single mothers, who have either been widowed or forced out of their homes for wanting to cover up and pray, and practice religion. There was indeed a great need for such an organization to come into existence in our city of Sarajevo. We have had many successful activities. „Hedija“ is helping 8 families of single mothers with 1 to 5 children. We are allotting monthly sum of money to pay for their rent, otherwise they would have to be out on the street. We also supply them with monthly care packages which include food and hygiene products, also in many cases we are paying their utility bills. Also we are helping 3 university students with monthly scholarship. We are also helping a center for mental retardation for orphans, with quarterly supply of adult diapers because they have been neglected by the state to provide that for them. Also we are providing Eid gift bags for orphans in an orphanage in Sarajevo. We have a Bazaar every 15 days where we sell used and new clothing and accessories that we get from our donors. It is a lot of hard work and we sell items at very low prices so we can offer people to buy at affordable prices. We also have an Bazaar Auction, on facebook where we sell newer and unique clothing items so we can insure greater income for our fond. We are very grateful to Allah swt that he has given us this opportunity to serve our Muslim community in Sarajevo and further in several smaller cities in Bosnia. We are also accepting donations through a grocery store online web shop, http://www.konzumshop.ba/, you just have to contact us so we can give you address in Sarajevo where to deliver food and goods, to one of our members. We are introducing our member volunteers in United States, who are our representatives, to help collect donations for our organization. You can view our web site at www.hedija.net and also visit our group on facebook just search under hedija (Bosnian word).We have sisters in United States and also in Bosnia who speak English and can assist you with any questions you might have. Our representative and volonteer in the state of North Dakota, in the city of Fargo is Aida Sales Ekic. Our representative and volonteer in the state of Michigan, city of Detroit is sister Rumeisa Kaltak.

You can contact them throug facebook page or group “hedija” or here on our web site.

Sincerely and respectfully, may Allah keep you safe and grant you best of the both worlds.Amin Women association „Hedija“ And whatever of good ye give, be assured Allah knoweth it well. (El-Bekara, 273)

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